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The inspiration for AdXLabs came to Andrew in 2018 while he was consulting with a business process outsourcing agency called Lead Gladiator. Experience gave the impression that the majority of the outsourcing industry lacked well defined processes and as a consequence the industry was at risk of becoming a "muddy pool to avoid" in the minds of the small businesses who are most in need of offshore services.

In January 2019 AdXLabs was born. The mission is simple. Make outsourcing easy!

Benefit from global talent

Successful business is about having a clearly defined, scalable process that is replicated and repeated. Following this principle, we have clearly defined processes for just about every part of our business that will benefit you. 

We will define and document the processes required to complete your project and ensure professional execution on your behalf. With the ability to provide agents based in The Philippines or India we have the resources to ensure every outsourced project we receive is delivered to the standards expected by western businesses.  

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

There are so many different types of technology to assist with remote working, it can be confusing to know exactly what tools you need. Furthermore, once you think you know what supporting technology you need you then have to become a master in it's use. This can be a large factor in deciding to stick with the status-quo and not use potentially more beneficial ‚Äčprocesses. 

We already have knowledge in a vast array of software applications to help you succeed!

A Culture Of Awareness

Business culture is growing ever-more important throughout the world. Employees are demanding better work-life balance and employers are noticing the benefits of providing a positive workplace culture, especially when it comes to client experience.

We actively promote a culture of professional awareness in our employees. We always consider the implications of our actions and how they will affect your project. 

Receive an exceptional customer experience whether your outsourcing project is large or small.

Ongoing Support As Needed

One of the drawbacks to traditional outsourcing models is that you are left with two choices. Firstly, is to hire freelancers with zero accountability or oversight - this is a very daunting prospect for most people. Secondly is to go through an established agency where you are forced to pay additional fees for management services that you may not need.

AdXLabs offers flexible support to ensure cost effectiveness. Pay for as much or as little dedicated support as you need. If you are an experienced outsourcer then why pay extra for an unneeded account manager in support? If you are new to outsourcing then our account managers will guide you every step of the way.



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