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Q. Who Are AdXLabs?

AdXLabs are a provider of business process management outsourcing, start-up incubation, and business consulting services. The company is headquartered in London, UK and provides outsourcing services across both India and The Philippines.

Q. Can you define full-time and part-time?

We define a full-time role as any role that requires 30 or more working hours per week. A part-time role is between 10 and 29 hours per week. Any task that requires 10 hours or less work per week is considered project based for the purposes of pricing.

Q. How Can I get Support?

If you need support there are a few ways to go about it. If you are already a client then your account manager should be your primary contact for support. Otherwise you can email [email protected] and include "Support" in the subject line with your concern.

Q. What Countries Can I Recruit From?

Currently we offer candidates based in The Philippines and India, although we are working on building our network to offer candidates in other locations.

Q. What Hours Will My Team Member Be Available?

To offer the most comfort to our clients, we ensure that your team member works the hours you set, in your local time. For example, if you need a virtual assistant working in sync with your internal team then it is no problem!

Q. What Currency Does AdXLabs Work In?

Our benchmark prices are in $USD however as an international business we are more than happy to provide quotations and contracts in your local currency.

Q. What Is The Refund Policy?

All payments are considered final and non refundable once processed, unless otherwise stipulated in writing and agreed on by AdXLabs.

Q. What Is The Recruitment Guarantee?

The recruitment fee is only refundable should AdXLabs fail to find any matching candidates. Your decision not to hire any candidates through AdXLabs does not constitute a valid refund reason.

The Client has (30) thirty days to decide that the chosen candidate will not work out, terminate their employment and claim a replacement under the guarantee policy. The Client may use this thirty-day clause once, unless otherwise agreed in writing by AdX Labs.

If the successful candidate chooses to terminate their employment of their own volition within (90) days, then AdX Labs will find a replacement under the guarantee.

Q. How Do I Start?

There is a recruitment fee of $116 to be paid for all positions where a recruitment campaign is needed to be designed and executed. This fee is subject to our recruitment guarantee, details of this guarantee will be supplied in writing at the time of purchase.

For full or part time projects, the first step is to recruit your team member and define their role in your business. After paying the recruitment fee we will request more information to define your needs in detail.

To supply us with your requirements and start recruiting please click here.

For project based campaigns, please click here and we will respond to discuss it ASAP (usually within 1 business day)

Q. If I like my outsourced team member, can I take them on direct?

Initially you are both bound to uphold the contract agreed through AdXLabs. As part of this contract all parties agree that future projects will go through AdXLabs unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.

As the relationship develops between you both, you may wish to further integrate into your corporate structure. We have a process to assist in this.

It is not uncommon for team members to start as an outsourced asset and be completely absorbed into the client's company within the first year, and even go on to be based internally with you. This is facilitated by our "Team Member Buyout" program and it only applies to permanent contracts.

See below under "Q. What types of contracts do you offer?" from more information, or discuss your intent to buyout with your account manager.

Q. What are the charges?

The charges are calculated depending on the scope of the project. For permanent contract projects we offer an industry leading price solution, which can allow greater flexibility for larger teams. If you are looking for a permanent team please contact us to discuss a tailored quotation.

Prices for general reference are;

From $6 per hour for full time (30+ hours per week)
From $7 per hour for part time (10 - 29 hours per week)
From $8.50 per hour for project based, minimum charge of 2 hours.

Should your project require a candidate with more specialized skillsets and experience then the prices may increase.

Due to the nature of international economies and currency markets, salaries for people with similar qualifications and skills can range widely. Generally speaking you should look to be able to save 50% or more versus the cost of hiring the same employee internally, after all associated costs have been factored in.

Q. What types of contracts do you offer?

We offer 3 main types of contract to our clients. Project, Monthly or Permanent.

A project based contract is for a fixed period of time from the outset. For example, you need a logo and complete company branding package designed across 20 hours. Or it could be something a little longer, such as, you need a switchboard operator to cover for planned 3-week staff holiday or you will require additional draftsmen for a 2 month phase of a construction project.

A monthly contract can be for either full-time or part-time working hours, based on the hourly rates shown. It will continue to be automatically renewed until either party gives the other written notice of intent to cancel, with a 30 day notice period.

A permenent contract can be either full-time or part-time, and will be for an initial 3-months and will then continue on a monthly basis, as per the monthly contract terms above. A permanent contract that has already been active for 3 months can at any stage be subject to a "team member buyout" by the client.

Q. What is a team member buyout?

A team member buyout is where the client pays AdXLabs the lump sum equivalent to 3-months of the current contract in order for AdXLabs to forfiet it's right to be involved in any further projects between the client and the team member. The client can choose to continue to pay AdXLabs for the use of office space, equipment, HR, etc., to ensure a seamless transition and minimise interruption of workflow.

Q. Where can I see examples of your contracts and terms?

Use the following links to see examples of our standard service agreements and terms.
Permanent Outsourcing
Premium Webdesign
Facebook Prospecting
LinkedIn Prospectng
Project Based Work

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