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Process Managment Services
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Social Outreach

Your ideal prospects are out there. They need you to find them!

Software Development

Get additional support and meet those looming deadlines!

eCommerce & Websites

Build your brand with a quality website or ecommerce portal!

Incubation For Startups

Turn ideas into reality in an environment designed for growth!

IT & Technology

Get a competitive advantage. Use IT and tech solutions!

Administration Support

Relieve the burdens by outsourcing manual, daily processes. 

Contact Center Plans

Handle calls, emails, live chats and messenger!

Finance & Accounting

Relieve stress on your finance team! Take care of the daily tasks.

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Data Mining & Prosecpting Plans
Outsource Core B2B Marketing Processes Via LinkedIn

Basic Build Your Data


  • Monthly Commitment
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Basic Inbox Support
  • CSV Data Export
  • No Recruitment or Setup Fee
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Standard Book Your Meetings


  • Monthly Commitment
  • LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Advanced Inbox Support
  • Book Meeting Attempts
  • No Recruitment or Setup Fee
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Super Premium We Take Care of Everything


  • 6 Month Commitment
  • Includes Tele-Prospecting
  • Complete Retargeting Cycle
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Setup Fees Apply
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