benefit from outsourcing IT & Technology Functions

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Information technology outsourcing (ITO), is defined as using service providers for delivering IT-reliant business processes, application services and infrastructure solutions. Services such as cloud computing and its sub-segments, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), are considered part of IT outsourcing core services despite technically being adjacent services.

With the cloud computing industry being worth an estimated 258 billion USD in 2020, it is truly a developed and mature industry that you need to be a part of! The benefits and applications of outsourcing your IT using cloud infrastructure are near limitless!

From high level CTO consulting, developers and cyber security, to simply advising on technology applications for your business, we are confident to have an outsourced solution for you.

Could you benefit from having an active outsourcing strategy in place?

AdXLabs specializes in providing remote outsourcing services. Handling office based processes where you, the business director, does not need to be present. We utilize a blend of technology and old-fashioned manual oversight to ensure seamless execution and delivery of your business processes. 

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