Develop Projects Globally

Having teams of developers all over the world is nothing new. Microsoft, Google, Apple - all of the big names have teams all over the world. But it is not just the big players that can benefit from outsourcing their software development and support functions. 

Typically, for the cost of one US based developer you can get 4 based in India or The Philippines. With modern video calling and screen sharing technologies it has never been easier to manage remote teams. If you are developing software projects then why not speak to us about your process outsourcing strategy?

Software is an important part of any business. But many businesses are not utilizing it to the maximum effect. Are key stakeholders in the decisions well enough informed or do they simply not understand exactly how to get the most from their software suites? Typically all companies with more than 10 employees will have some form of software burden. 

This can be in the form of paying for licenses and services that are not needed, people not understanding fully the tools they have and having the wrong software tools for the job to begin with. 

AdXLabs offers software suite consulting alongside outsourced software development services.


Get complete peace of mind with a dedicated account manager on request.


Ensure cost-effective delivery, pay for only the services that you need.


Maintain control using our proven project management techniques.


Ensure efficiency and benefit from our technical knowledge & expertise.