Offer 24/7 human availability with outsourced contact centers

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Your customers want to talk with you. Fact.

People generally prefer human to human interaction. Fact.

Providing a 24/7 contact center is difficult and expensive. Myth.

Outsourcing contact center processes makes up a significant part of the total outsourcing industry. Building, training and maintaining all of the systems and people required to offer contact center services is a very specialist skillset and this is why it is such a commonly outsourced activity.

Phone integrations, VoIP dialers, CRM systems - there is a lot of technical jargon to understand and that's even before you deal with recruiting and training people in the processes and niche-techniques required to service your needs.

That is why you should use a specialist provider - someone who already knows the strategies and processes needed to stay on the path to success and avoid costly failures. 

Could you benefit from having an active outsourcing strategy in place?

AdXLabs specializes in providing remote outsourcing services. Handling office based processes where you, the business director, does not need to be present. We utilize a blend of technology and old-fashioned manual oversight to ensure seamless execution and delivery of your business processes. 

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